WhisperPhone vs. Toobaloo

When we first checked out these products the reactions were definitely

Whisper phone vs Toobaloo

“That one is way cooler ….it is like what they wear in the
singing kettle!”

She has seen the members of the Singing Kettle, an Irish folk band, performing on stage wearing headsets to amplify their voices and seemed to like the idea of looking like a performer.

We tried out the Toobaloo first and Daisy remarked “I like hearing my voice.” We are currently enjoying reading books to each other. I model first and she follows with her version.

Whisper phone

Using the Toobaloo allowed Daisy to concentrate on her book even though Rose was chatting away very loudly beside her.

Whisper phone

Later I was surprised to hear her using the Toobaloo with a loud voice so we sat down and played with whispering and humming a tune to emphasize she did not need to use a loud voice.

Rose also liked the Toobaloo. She initially used it as a telephone, and then noticed how she could hear her voice. Pleased as punch!

Whisper phone

The WhisperPhone was also a hit. Immediately Daisy reduced her volume and enunciated more clearly.

Her pose with attitude! She liked both products and when asked to choose her favourite she chose the WhisperPhone;  “This one because you don’t have to hold it”.

I can see the benefits of both products as a mom and a teacher. The Toobaloo seems more suited to younger children and I loved the break-resistant plastic (a must with a 13-month-old around!). The WhisperPhone is designed for K- Gr 4 although it did adapt to Daisy’s head well.  The hands-free ability will suit older children who are reading and working by themselves.

Benefits and Uses of the Toobaloo and Whisper Phone:

Children can hear themselves read even if the classroom is busy (noisy).

Identify errors in speech (phonological and articulation)

Regulate vocal intensity

Practice writing: children can reread and edit their writing, clearly identifying where improvements can be made.

Develops reading aloud confidence

Helps maintain focus

Motivations to read and re-read


  • During guided reading
  • Reading and rereading for performance.
  • Spelling
  • Math facts
  • Lightweight and portable for home use also
Whisper Phone

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  1. I am an English teacher in Taipei. Tell your daughters “Thanks” for the fun article. I would like to have the parents of my students read your article… If you are interested I can send you an official Chinese translation via email… ???

  2. We just saw this item on our children’s school supply list for this upcoming year and are quite excited about this item. Thanks for sharing.

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