Understanding Storage Furniture

Buying storage furniture can be an overwhelming process. Here at Quality Classrooms we try to give you all the information you need either on our website or catalogue but sometimes extra information is needed. Deciding what is important for each piece can make things easier. Here are a set of questions to ask to help define your storage furniture needs.

  1. Does the storage furniture need mobility?
  2. Does it need to lock?
  3. Do the shelves need to adjust?
  4. Do I need bins/trays?
  5. Do I want solid wood, plywood or laminate?
  6. Do I need access to one side or both?
  7. Am I willing to assemble furniture?
  8. Is warranty important?
  9. Is Greenguard certification important?

These questions help to decide what is a ‘need’ and what is a ‘want’. ‘Needs’ are necessary, whereas ‘wants’ may have some flexibility. Determining your needs and wants is a great way to start when investing in a storage piece that will last for years.

  1. Does the storage furniture need mobility?   Mobility can be a necessary function in shared spaces. If storage needs to be moved regularly, a hinged unit may be preferable. This allows movement without the risk of toppling or the contents falling out. For movement occasionally, ensure casters are present.
  2. Does it need to lock? This is only needed if security or safety is an issue but can be more challenging to retrofit well. 
  3. Do the shelves need to adjust? Adjustable shelves to suit a collection of different objects, such as books, are convenient. Many storage units have shelves which do not adjust, especially if they are made for infant daycare rooms. Ensuring a unit has adjustable shelves, if this is one of your needs, allows for personalization to suit the stored materials. 
  4. Do I need bins/trays? Bins or trays are often wanted for a unit and not all units have bins. If this is essential, check bins/trays are included and the same applies for lids. 
  5. Do I want solid wood, plywood or laminate? Solid wood is the most expensive and laminate the least. If colour scheme or matching is important, check the wood colour and/or the accent colour matches your room. 
  6. Do I need access to one side or both? Some storage furniture is accessible only from the front, others front and back. The unit featured above is accessible from all four sides. Placements in your room dictate the accessibility you need. This 24 Cubbie Tower with Clear Tubs is perfect for the centre of a room, it allows children to access tubs independently from all four sides.
  7. Am I willing to assemble furniture? Furniture that needs assembly is usually cheaper and shipping may also be cheaper as it is transported flat packed. If you are able to assemble, this can be a way to save budget funds.  
  8. Is warranty important? All of our items have a 1 year warranty but furniture can have up to a 15 year warranty. We only select strong and durable furniture, suitable for learning environments. If extended warranty is important to you, ensure you have a piece of furniture with a manufacturer warranty.
  9. Is Greenguard certification important? GREENGUARD Certified products must meet stringent chemical emissions requirements, such as being screened for more than 10,000 volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

There is a great deal to consider when buying a piece of storage furniture. You are investing a sizeable amount of budget funds on something you expect to last a long time. We are happy to be here to help you make the right choices for your needs.

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