Toys for a 7 and 8 month old

So much has happened in these two busy months. Sitting developed into commando crawling and then crawling on all fours.  The sensory ball was still a hit and the way it rolled away and needed to be chased caused squeals of excitement!

Whittle world provided constant play amusement for all three children. Freddy liked to open the door on the bus, use the crane on the fire truck and put the people into the vehicles. Supervision is needed as the people are still quite small for babies.

The excersaucer was still entertaining and a safe place while lego was being played with nearby or cooking  undertaken.

The dreaded noisy toys (we have few) are a good entertainer for a short time and the cause and effect exploration is a great developmental opportunity. Here is a Sound Puzzle Box, one of the few ‘noisy’ toys sold at Quality Classrooms.

Duplo is again one of those wonderful toys all three can play with safely. Freddy seems happy to be included in the play while the flowers can continue their dramatic play.

A high chair has a clear vantage point to watch cooking or kitchen clean up whilst playing with some soft toys. This bowling set features 6 different soft pins with sounds and animal faces.

Watching Freddy’s delighted discoveries and exploration is fascinating for this elementary school teacher!

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  1. Now I have to add all those Whittle World toys to my wish list 🙂 I had imagined them smaller but pictured with your son I can see the actual size. Would like to see measurements included in the QC product descriptions because the recommended age doesn’t always help me gauge the size.

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