Toys for a 6 Month Old

Freddy is now 6 months and so entertaining! He is having a great time exploring, mostly with his mouth but also now with his hands and feet. My aim is to share what he is enjoying most, each month.

At the moment most of his toys are in a huge play yard. This keeps the toys contained and in a few months when he starts moving, it will also keep Freddy contained and safe. With a busy household, the play yard is a must for us. Making it a fun environment now will hopefully result in it being a comfortable spot for him to hang out in a few months’ time.

He loves rattles and this is one of his favourites:

It is easy to grasp and the beads are also of great interest. Everything goes into the mouth and therefore needs to be safe.

Freddy has learned to roll a sensory ball backwards and forwards beside him. He also explores the soft spikes of the ball. Proud of himself:

Jumping is also a delight whether it is in his jolly jumpy or an excersaucer.

Freddy also gets to explore toys with his sisters who climb into his playpen to play with him.

A trip on a wheely bug was also an adventure!

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