Top 3 Ways to Use a Bucket Balance

1. Explore different objects that weigh the same

Find objects to make the balance equal.

Key Questions:

What does it mean when we have balance?
How many of these objects do we need to make our balance equal?
Can we write this as an equation?

2. Water Displacement to measure volume

Half fill one bucket with water. Add your chosen object and remeasure.

Key Questions:

How much water was displaced?
What volume is your object?
Do you think this object has a higher or lower volume?

3. Food and grocery

Weigh groceries and food items before they are eaten. This can be an apple that a student brings into class every day. An apple can be weighed and then estimation skills added.

Key Questions:

What weight do you think this apple is?
Do you think this apple is bigger than the apple we weighed yesterday?
Which apple from this collection is going to be heavier/lighter?

Whatever way you chose to use your bucket balance, have fun!

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