Top 5 Outdoor Sandbox Resources

Spring is officially here and with it comes dreams of long outdoor days and outside lessons for this educator. We have talked about sand and water play before but here we are discussing outdoor sand resources. Sand resources that we can use indoors at the sensory table and then pull outside for spring, summer and fall are versatile and have a dual purpose. Investing in resources that are suitable for multiple areas are also a great way to extend the budget.

Not all toys we would like to use in the outdoor sandbox are suitable. They must be rugged enough to survive the strong summer sun and heavy use for outdoor rougher sand and water. Some vehicles will struggle to survive with sand in their wheels and plastics may become brittle. Here are our 5 favourites:

1. Construction Vehicle Set

The classic sandbox toys, loader and dump truck, are two great quality bigger toys sure to provide hours of learning discovery. With the big shovel of the loader, large amounts of sand can be easily moved and transported to the desired spot. The dump truck helps to bring sand where it needs to be. The steel axles ensure extra stability and the quiet EVA tires leave real tracks in the sand. They can also be used in the snow in the colder months (of which we have many).

2. Textured Sand Rollers

This set of 5, sturdy, plastic-handled rollers make creative designs in the sand.

3. Dinosaur Bones

These dinosaur bones are just waiting to be discovered. Bury them in sand, soil or even water, and they will instantly appeal to children’s instincts to explore, investigate, sort, collect and measure. Perfect for all those budding paleontologists!

Designed to use alongside the Dinosaur Bones, these  Match & Measure Card Set activity cards are an ideal way to encourage children to match, count, compare, order and measure the bones they discover. Made from durable PVC, the cards are ideal to use in the outdoor area as children discover the buried bones.

4. Sensory Stones

These large tactile stones are designed to enable children to have sensory experiences by experimenting with the raised and indented shapes and patterns. The set of stones includes four raised/bumpy designs (circles, dots, wavy lines and a grid) and four indented/hollow designs (circles, lines, zigzags and a spiral).

5. Little People-Sensory Play

These charming little people have been designed to invite play, but not dictate it. They will fit into any environment. The stone mix they are made from gives them a good weight in the hand and means that they are durable enough for outside use in all weathers and environments.

What are your favourite outdoor sand toys?  

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