The Sound ‘T’

For the sound ‘T’ our activities included:

  • Using ‘T’ Worksheets 

To give them more than one use, I take the workbook apart and use a write and wipe pocket. Daisy likes to use workbooks, although please ignore her writing posture here. We were avoiding the heat and a sleeping wee sister, at the cottage!

  • ‘T’ Yoga Postures




  • Finding ‘T’ in books and reading about it
  • Singing about the sound ‘T’
  • Drawing ‘T’ in the sand
  • Finger writing ‘T’ and reading ‘T’ words.
  • Looking at various representations of ‘T’
  • ‘T’ Crafts

We have done a little work on the sound ‘T’ in the past so I decided on a more crafty activity to try out. I love the texture you get from crumpled up tissue paper for collages. The little ones do wind up getting frustrated because their sticky fingers make ripping and crumpling difficult, so be prepared to lend a hand when they begin to struggle.

You need:

Daisy picked three colours of tissue paper, we scrumpled them up and put them into bowls.

She added glue to a small section at a time and then the tissue paper. I supervised the first section and then she worked independently. I recommend doing small sections at a time to allow the paper to stick. Kids tend to go overboard with the glue, so explaining the need to do a small section at a time, gives a better success rate.

Pretty T and t in a short amount of time.

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