The Sense of Touch

Shape is the topic at preschool this week so I thought the 3D Feel & Find would be the perfect activity to combine preschool and home learning. We started off by talking about the five senses, trying to list them and deciding which senses we are about to use. I gave Daisy five shapes to start with and chose the shapes which are easiest to tell apart.

The shapes were in the bag and the textured tiles were piled beside so she could focus on one shape at a time.

As she worked on a shape we discussed its properties.

“How many sides does the shape have?”

“What makes the rectangle different from the square?”

It was tempting to look in the bag so we tried focusing on just one sense.

“If you close your eyes and don’t talk does it make it easier?”

“We are only using our sense of touch”.

We moved onto 10 shapes.

Then the other 10. Daisy worked on this independently.

I put all twenty shapes in the bag and we took turns. Twenty shapes all at once were too much for Daisy and I had to work hard to keep her interest (silly singing and games). The feeling of accomplishment was pretty great though! As you can see the animals, people and trees were more difficult but the strategy discussion was good.

“How will you find the giraffe?”

“I am looking for the long neck”


  • Start small, about 1-5 shapes at a time.
  • Start with the shapes
  • Allow the children to become familiar with the shapes and textured tiles before putting them into the bag

Learning Opportunities:

  • Math: Identify, sort and name shapes
  • Science: Know and use the senses
  • LA: Describing and explaining

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