Texo Play

Texo“, Latin for weave, twine together, plait, construct, build, is a toy that grows with children.

The flowers got the chance to play with the 65 piece set and were excited:

We eagerly explored the many different components of the set including solid wood planks, plastic moulded connectors “stars”  and plastic rods.

Rose began by building a tower.

While Daisy explored the connectors, which they named “stars”, fascinated with how they fitted together.

Rose moved into stacking and size ordering with the wooden planks.

While Daisy joined the rods and connectors and decided how to incorporate the wooden planks.

She was hesitant to use the activity guide and wanted to freely construct.

And when you are not sure how to use your creation… wear it as a necklace!

Rose created a forest of what was initially trees and became flowers. The bouquet was later given to me and my husband with “Happy Valentine’s Day” sentiments.

She was able to combine the parts but needed help to take them apart again.

While the girls play I tend to do something nearby. If I watch too closely I am tempted to interfere, give unneeded opinions or direct play; yes I have control-freak tendencies!

So I flicked through the activity guide while listening and watching their play. The guide explained the creator Lester Walker’s intention to provide a toy that grows in complexity as a child grows. As they gradually learn to play with the components in a more complex manner they are exploring concepts of architecture, design and engineering.

Basic construction is illustrated, moving onto simple builds and then more complex builds.

We thoroughly enjoyed playing with this construction set from Quality Classrooms.

How will you play with Texo?

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