Take a Seat

“This one’s too big. this one’s too small.  This one is just right!”

Finding the right seat can make us all feel like Goldilocks, especially when almost everything is made to fit adults.  When it’s time to cuddle down with a book, favourite toy or just to have a chat with a friend, nothing beats a great chair or couch that fits.

Among the many types of seating for young children, there are three groups that stand out: Soft Seats, Indoor/Outdoor and “Just like home.”

Soft Seats

More than just padded, these seats are typically made completely from foam and soft materials. This type of seat is perfect for rambunctious spaces since there is nothing hard to crash into. They are also light enough to be moved easily for variable spaces, storage or just to change the room around for a new play space.

Some of our favourite soft seats are the Toddler Contour Set, Library Trio, Cozy Woodland Trio, and a range of Beanbags. For a more traditional look, we like the Club Seating Set, and if you’re wondering how sturdy foam can be, I tried one out and, while short for my 6’1″ frame, it held me quite comfortably.


Sometimes you need the flexibility to move your play outside (or near an extra messy sand and water table).  For just those times, we recommend the Cozy EduBench and EduCubes (available in Woodland colours or original primary red, yellow, blue and green). They are made from a smooth moulded plastic, making them extremely light as well as durable. They have the added feature of having a flip-flop design so they can be used as a 6″ or 9″ chair high seat, or even as a table.

“Just Like Home”

Couches, armchairs, with coffee tables and even ottomans bring the feel, comfort and style of home right into children’s spaces.

Slightly more expensive than the more variable furniture, these pieces are built with the same care we expect from their adult-sized counterparts. And just like the ones at home, these seats can take the workout our young ones will give them.

We love the Komfy Furniture Set for its blonde wood design, and the range of Enviro Child Upholstered Furniture for their traditional look and wipe clean material. Available in three sizes Infant and Toddler, Preschool and School Age.

Of course, there is also a wide range of floor and alternative seats which you can see here.

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