Matching Lower and Uppercase Letters

Daisy started Kindergarten on Friday and we have been doing activities over the summer in preparation. These activities have prepared her well. Nothing could prepare me!
Last week we did a revision of upper and lowercase letters using Alphabet Pebbles and a String Along Lacing Kit.

We started with the letters of her name and formed the uppercase letter on the String Along board followed by the lowercase letter.

Forming the letters on the foam board forced us to consider how the letter starts and finishes. It was a great revision for me too as I am more familiar with the pre-cursive alphabet rather than the print alphabet. We named words starting with the letter sound as we made the letter.

As we made the letter we used an alphabet pebble to mark the chart.

Letters ‘Dd’ and ‘Aa’ were relatively easy to make. Letter ‘Ii’ was more complicated and forced us to join the dot and line.

You can pull the string through the back of the board so it is possible to make a clean ‘Ii’. We didn’t worry too much. The aim was to practice forming letters rather than having a perfect letter made. Process versus product!

To make a curved letter like the ‘Dd’ Daisy had to count how many holes across the letter matched the holes down. Making a curved letter is challenging but it was a great problem to solve.

It was a good activity for letter revision but I have to say she enjoys free play on the board more. The pattern cards are a good bridge when she needs inspiration to get started.

Learning Opportunities

  • uppercase and lowercase letter formation
  • recognizing the sound a letter makes
  • problem-solving (how to form the letter)
  • counting
  • fine motor skills (threading the punch pen and using the crocodile grip on the pen.