Paper Circle Popz Christmas Activities

I like themes, I can’t help it. It is possibly either the teacher in me or the organized part of my brain but seeing a theme carried out through a project makes me happy!

Fred and his friend have been busy making Christmas crafts. A simple wreath with Paper Circle Popz glued on looks great. Here we are discussing the need to NOT eat the glue stick.

Theo selects his circles and sticks. The selection was challenging and distracting. He preferred to play with and organize the circles! They are such beautiful colours.

We will continue the wreath tomorrow.

The finished product ready to hang on the wall.  (Fred had help!):

For cards, the boys had a limited colour palette.

Lines, circles and “Joy” stamps finished the cards.

Rose also completed cards for her classmates with this design. The lines and circles are perfect exercises to build fine motor skills to improve handwriting. She will finish by writing her name on the inside.

The boys will wrap their penguin footprint ornament and wreath up today, ready for Christmas.

I may add some Paper Circle Popz to the gift wrapping… yes I do like a theme!

Moon Salt Art

This art activity is inspired by two books ‘The Tear Thief’ and ‘I Took the Moon for a Walk’.

After reading and discussing these beautiful books we talked about the moon. How it has creators and often looks like it has a face.

Using oil pastels the children drew a moon and stars, some even included comets.

They added glue to their moon and stars. The craft cups I used for the glue were great and I didn’t worry about washing glue down the drain.

Here you can see the importance of a good demonstration. I partially coloured my moon and added glue and salt to only a part of the outline. The children followed and outlined rather than filled in their moons. Or is this a developmental concept like outlining the sun in paintings?

The eagerness to move on to the more messy parts of the process may have resulted in semi-completed moons!

Messy trays did a great job of containing the salt.

Next came the process of adding tears to the moon. This is inspired by ‘The Tear Thief’. The tears were Liquid Watercolours and they were added using pipettes.

This process seemed to be the highlight for most of the 14 children taking part. Watching the salt absorb the paint was a thrilling experience!

Letter Signs with Mosaics

Rose is gaining interest in letters and working with the letters of her name seems to be the most logical place to focus.

Drawing letters on construction paper with markers gave the flowers a starting point and I showed them how to find colours and keep a pile ready to stick. The rest was up to them.

I demonstrated how to add glue to a small section and focus on that area before the glue dried.  We used glue sticks for ease of clean up but white school glue may have stuck even better. Rose enjoyed working on large areas.

While Daisy focused on a smaller area and worked with order.

“Look what I have done!”.

Losing patience and deciding to randomly glue and stick for the background. Playing with the mosaic squares was a highlight.

When the girls were happy with the final product, we sealed the full piece of card with podge. Name letters signs which now adore the bedroom doors.

I couldn’t resist making my own, one for Freddy and the bathroom. It was very relaxing!

The mosaic squares we used are coloured on both sides and made from heavy card. This made them quite easy to sort, lift and stick. Have fun creating!

Playing with Heart Mosaics

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and an activity that both girls could do at their level was needed.

Heart mosaics fills this request well. They are made from sturdy card and have different colours on each side. With 6 shapes and 12 colours they are very versatile and a great price, at under $10.

Here are the supplies we used:

  • Heart Mosaics
  • Glue
  • Coloured Card
  • White Card

I had some recycled card that was printed on one side. Rather than throw it away we used the blank side and mounted it on coloured card. I love the colour framing. Daisy used large postcard size card to make wonderful creations from the hearts:

The guide she is using is included in the package and she was able to use it independently. Here are her valentines so far:

Rose on the other hand was happy to glue and stick. Then run around and give them to her stuffies.

While Daisy enjoyed gradually building designs using the teaching guide, Rose was all about using a glue stick and mass producing!

We will add a candy lollipop and sticker to the back and done!

Here are the Valentine’s Day cards we made two years ago:

Paint Printed Valentine’s Cards


Process Based Christmas Cards

Christmas card making can be hit or miss in our house. If we start it too late it is stressful and I understand why people buy cards. If we leave enough time and don’t have to work under pressure, it can be very enjoyable.

This year I decided to go with something both girls could do. The focus was on the initial step: making collage art. Supplies were limited to Christmas colours and included:

  • Supplies needed
    • Scrap green paper (printed on one side)
    • watered down glue
    • glue brushes
    • tissue paper (red, green, gold, cream)
    • glitter glue (green and gold)

Instructions were minimal:

  1. use the brush to cover your sheet of paper in glue
  2. add tissue paper you like, varying colour
  3. add more glue to seal all your tissue paper
  4. add glitter glue

Daisy began in a very organized manner, so we discussed how it would be great to see different colours on the trees. For this to happen she had to rip the tissue smaller and spread out her colours.

Rose seemed to love the randomness of the gluing where ever she wanted.

The finished works of art were beautiful and it felt almost a crime to cut them up!

The next evening we glued trees on cards. Rose had lots of help with this. She managed 3 or 4 herself.

With a star and truck added, our cards are almost complete.

A “be merry” stamp inside and a name will finish the task. Breaking this activity into smaller steps makes it fun and rewarding.

Be Merry!

Rainbow Collage

Daisy has been fascinated with rainbows for a few months now. She draws and colours them at every opportunity. With St. Paddy’s Day fast approaching I decided to encourage a collage rainbow. I love collage and mixed media art and always have a decent stash of collage materials ready to use in my classroom. I have been trying to do the same at home but had not figured out how to store this lovely collage stuff. At work I discovered, debated and nabbed some lovely storage boxes and labelled them up in case anyone wanted them back!

They are a good size, can stack on top of each other and were free.

Other containers I use include recycled jam and pasta sauce jars, peanut butter containers, applesauce and yogurt tubs. Yes, I am a hoarder; I don’t know a teacher who isn’t!

We began by talking about the order of colours of the rainbow. We have a set of lacing beads which Daisy made into a rainbow first.

Daisy started her art piece by using water colours to paint a rainbow. While that dried she wandered off to play.

The joy of using transparent containers means you can see the materials without having to dump everything out. Daisy was able to pick what she wanted, use scissors and glue and embellish her rainbow.

She was very happy with the outcome which will help us decorate for March 17th.