Super Strong Magnetic Clips and Hooks

Many teachers have an abundance of magnets on their whiteboard and/or filing cabinet but the effectiveness of these magnets are sometimes rather lacking! I was one of those teachers. I would put work up and it would gradually slide down the board… grr!


I tend to use magnets to stick demonstration work, posters and student work to the board and my filing cabinet. I had been struggling with a collection of bad magnets that were handed down from the previous teacher. I was given the option to try out new magnets I jumped at the chance.

Here you can see our home calendar hanging with a Super Strong Magnetic Hook. The hooks I used at home initially, and they held up my family calendar, wreathes, and write and wipe pockets with chore lists in them. They are strong and hold the family calendar, containing invitations and stickers, with no problem.

In the classroom, they are excellent for pocket charts and flipbooks.

The Super Strong Magnetic Clips are reputed to hold 50 sheets of paper but here they are holding a notepad from Quality Classrooms containing 24 sheets and a card backing very comfortably… yes I am nerdy and counted! so I challenged the clip and it held a catalogue also with no problem. When I get back into my classrooms I will continue the challenge! I don’t know about you but I have used many clips over the years and their holding powers were mostly pretty awful past a couple of sheets of paper. Super strong magnetic clips are very exciting for this teacher!

Here is the low-down on these clips and hooks and the options available from Quality Classrooms:

Available in a set of 4,  Super Strong Magnetic Clips, measure about 4cm in diameter and hold about 20lbs each. Free up more wall and bulletin board space by storing materials on metal filing cabinets and other magnetic surfaces. They hold folders, student portfolios or large stacks of homework, up to 50 pages per clip! Use on whiteboards, file cabinets or any magnetic surface. Allows inflatable models and decorations to hang from the metal frame of a drop ceiling. 

Also available in a white set of 5 White Super Strong Magnetic Hooks, perfect for those of us who love matching items in their classrooms.

If you are looking for strong magnetic hooks and clips, these are the ones for you!

Written by Chris, an elementary and middle school teacher in Pembina Trails School Division

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