Practice Sorting with the Super Sorting Pie

We have done quite a bit of sorting but this pie was just too cute not to try. I was hoping it would extend her sorting capabilities and it did!

She loved the tweezers. I set up the pie shell with an activity card in the bottom and Daisy played and sorted the fruit into the correct sections. She started off using the tweezers with a fist grip and changed to the pincer grip without any interference from me…yeah!

This Super Sorting Pie comes with 3 double-sided activity cards, 60 fruit counters, 2 jumbo tweezers and an activity guide.

Daisy loves playing with this pie while in her kitchen. We keep it out of Rose’s reach just because she is at that wonderful dumping stage. When she sees it out… it ends up on the floor. It has become one of those go-to activities when Daisy wants some time by herself.

Here she is counting and organizing, the numbers 5-10 are on the other side of this activity card. Daisy sorts by one type and then reorganizes and starts again using another system. The abundance of fruit allows her to sort out the pie at the same time. You can see here she does not always choose to use the tweezers.

The activity guide suggests many different activities including:

  • Match Me – match a selected fruit and line up the pairs
  • Fruit Picking Fun – say the name of a fruit and colour, asking the children to pick out the fruit using tweezers
  • Fruit Patterns – make a pattern and ask the children to repeat it
  • What Comes Next? – make a pattern, say it out loud and ask the children to say “what comes next?”
  • One of these Things is Not Like the Others – pick three fruits that are alike and one that is different and ask the children to find the one that is different and explain why.
  • Count Your Colours – Say a number and a colour and ask the children to pick those fruits out of the pie and count them.

If you would like a great sorting game I would recommend the Super Sorting Pie. It is versatile and of great value!

Anyone for fruit pie?

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