Space Fun – DIY Astronaut Helmet

Daisy is learning about space in preschool this week and they had the option to dress up as an astronaut or space alien today. Of course, she chose the astronaut. I turned to google for ideas but they all looked a little challenging for a busy day at preschool. Instead, I found two boxes, ignored all the fancy handmade costume ideas and got out the duct tape.

Duct taping took a little time and patience with two very willing helpers. It is sticky, isn’t it? But teamwork and a short break for a snack got us through it.

We made name labels for the back and Canadian flags for the front.

Rose kept hers on for all of 20 seconds but we had lots of fun building a rocket and playing astronauts. Daisy was a very bossy commander and enjoyed giving us orders. Here are some of the comments Daisy made:

“Commander to control, come in control”

” 5,4,3,2,1, Blast Off!”

“Oh, the Earth looks so pretty from up here.” (quite appropriate considering the carpet they are playing on!)

As for the rest…I was too busy playing to remember them!

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  1. What a great way to recycle diaper boxes. As a daycare provider who requests diapers be brought by parents, I can stock up on the boxes until I have enough for all the kids to be astronauts. Thanks for sharing this activity!

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