Sorting and Identifying Coins

Following on from our Money Awareness post, we decided to look at actual money a little closer.

I dumped out the contents of my change purse on a tray and let Daisy look at it.

What coins have you got here?

She immediately began sorting them. The quarters and nickles are quite similar in size and it took her a few seconds to learn how to tell them apart.

We looked at what was on the coins, the queen’s face on one side and then a different image for each coin. Others she compared by size and matched similar sized coins.

When they were all lined up, Daisy counted them. She found the appropriate stamp, stamped an image and wrote the number of coins she had counted.

This gave me a great opportunity to see which numbers she was happy writing and which needed revision.

We spent quite a lot of time making the number big, in the air to practice number formation. The number eight was particularly challenging. We did do lots of work on the letter/sound ‘S’ quite a while ago but the lack of consistency since has resulted in Daisy writing ‘S’ back to front. Forming the number eight requires her to make an ‘s’ first before joining it into an ‘8’. Great practice for writing letters too!

Five was also a challenge for her. Again we formed the number in the air a few times and then wrote it.

Look carefully and you can notice a mistake in my adding…..

I forgot to count the toonies!

This is what we used:

Learning Opportunities:

  • Counting to 20
  • Forming numbers correctly
  • Sorting: Identifying common characteristics; size, colour, design
  • Describing common characteristics

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