Sneaky Productive Water Play

Our outdoor active play toys: ride-ons, rocker crocodile, and hop balls are always a little dusty after being stored all winter. With six months of winter here, under the deck provides a safe location for toys, but a dirty one too.

Spring means cleaning time and the flowers got to work. I suggested they have a go at cleaning their toys and they were both excited to try.

Armed with a bucket of warm soapy water and two microfiber cloths, the girls worked for half an hour, taking each toy in turn. Warm water is much more inviting when the temperatures are still chilly. The bucket tipped over once but we just filled it up again. I would recommend a basin or bin for water.

We may find our toys need another little wash around August. This time it will be cold water and the hose may be used to rinse off the suds.

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  1. Great sensory experiences are being explored here while gross motor skills are encouraged. Looks like you’re having lovely weather (even if a bit chilly)!

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