Ribbon Weaving on a Chain Link Fence

I love temporary art. You get all the fun of making it but don’t have to find a place for it or dispose of it when you are bored with it.

Ribbon weaving is a great sunny day activity requiring only a chain-link fence, of which we have lots, and ribbons. I keep lots of ribbons of varying widths and lengths on hand, but Quality Classrooms also sells some Ribbon Remnants that would work perfectly.

The thicker ribbons were just the right width for the chain link. It was very affordable and will be used again and again.

I demonstrated how to weave the ribbon, over, under, over, under and Daisy quickly got the hang of it. Rose of course preferred to tear it down.

I kept Rose busy playing while Daisy wove her ribbons. She was pleased with her finished decoration and declared it “beautiful!”.

The joy of this activity. Nothing to clean up, nothing to keep and put on the fridge or in a file. The kids enjoyed taking the ribbons down and playing with them. Headbands, waistbands and ankle bracelets were made.

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