Pumpkin Crafts for Toddlers and Kids

We are suddenly surrounded by pumpkins. I love the little and not so little orange balls of goodness. We have tried a few decorating methods and I have looked at lots of lovely options.

We started the usual way; by taking the lid off. We discussed the pattern Daisy wanted to make and I used a marker to dot all the drill holes. My husband, Francois, demonstrated how to use the drill safely. Keeping fingers away from the bit and a steady hand were emphasized.

Team drilling! Daisy needed a steadying hand to keep the drill from slipping.

You can see the concentration on her face!

Rose is overjoyed to have her own pumpkin to decorate too.

We kept it very simple with stickers. They were a challenge as they stuck to her fingers but we had lots of fun.

And the finished product!

I have been collecting lots of lovely pumpkin and Halloween ideas on Pinterest. Check it out!

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