Building Imagination with Bricks

These gorgeous transparent bricks have been played with lots by Rose. She loves pouring them onto the light table and organizing them to her fancy. Daisy has not been so into these gorgeous blocks so I set her a challenge.

These little people are outside and need shelter. It is windy and cold (not hard to imagine, considering where we live) and they need four walls and a roof to keep out the cold.

This was all Daisy needed to inspire some building. I had never thought about it much but block building is not something either of my children chose to do unless I lift the blocks out and model some building. I sat down and played alongside them.

Rose chose to play for a few minutes then decided to bug her sister by sitting on her chair. She tends to wander around then come back to the task at hand. I counted and she would last 3 to 4 minutes, play elsewhere for 3 to 4 minutes and then return to the light table.

She returned 3 times before losing interest.

Daisy continued to build, ignoring Rose’s antics.

The roof was quite a discussion. After a little questioning:

“Does the roof need to be bigger than the building?”

“What do you think we could use?”

“Can you see anything flat and the same size as the base?”

I gave up and suggested she use another prism base. This idea was met with a look of frustration and a sigh.

“No mama that would be too slippery and the wind will blow it off”.

So having been told, I left her to search for a roof. When I came back five minutes later she proudly announced she had finished and her people were warm.

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