Printing with Scratchfoam Board

I love printing. There is something very satisfying about being able to recreate your masterpiece again and again. Recently while teaching a mixed media art class we printed using scratchfoam board and printing inks.

Rubbings using crayons and newsprint paper were stimulation for design ideas. Feathers, buttons, shapes, ribbons and fabrics were among the many objects students captured for inspiration.

Students were asked to make a design on paper. The paper design was transferred onto their scratchfoam board using a pencil and pressing lightly. When happy with their design, the students pressed harder with their pencils to push the design deeper into the scratchfoam board without punching right through (a challenge).

Applying printing ink was the next step. A messy paint tray keeps the paint contained while still enabling the students to use a Lino Roller to spread and apply the ink.

Placing and smoothing the foam evenly was next. Then the foam was carefully removed.

The students were advised not to use letters and words due to the planning needed to reverse the lettering. One student was determined (even used the window to trace) and succeeded!

Ink colours were chosen and some blended colours.

The scratchfoam board was washed and reused by some students so different colours could be applied.

Happy and proud artists!

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