Preparing your Classroom for the New Year!

It’s that time of year again – freshly sharpened pencils, brand new backpacks, and smiling faces. There are so many things to think about when it comes to organizing a new year! Returning to school can be hectic, and there’s lots to focus on when it comes to planning new lessons, rearranging the classroom, and, of course, getting to know your new students.  

Here are some tips, inspirations, and products for making this year the best year yet!  

Start Fresh 

Keep a positive, fresh, and brand-new mindset. Leave behind the stresses or messes that happened last year! The last year and a half has been anything but ordinary, so don’t be hard on yourself. It’s crucial to take care of yourself this school year. Clean up your workspace and make it the most optimal space for you!  

Lessons and classroom décor can be stressful when you leave them to the last minute. It’s important to stay on schedule and keep on track by planning. Using a calendar and checklists make it easier to keep track and organize the upcoming year. 

Getting to know your students 

Playing fun ice breaking games is one great way to engage students during the first few days of school, which can be awkward for some. Encouraging a positive and friendly work environment is a great way to help students feel more comfortable. Making a class birthday calendar and celebrating birthdays together is a fun and an inclusive way to remember everybody’s birthday and celebrate together!  

Some students need help calming their first day jitters, and some can have a difficult time paying attention in class, and sensory activities often help aid as a solution. Providing things like Bouncyband chair feet or the Bouncyband wiggle seat for your students can help fuel their excitement for learning.  

It’s important to discipline poor behaviour in the classroom, but it’s equally important to praise good behaviour, such as giving students stickers as a reward for great work. Students are motivated when they are receiving positive feedback for their actions, and it sets the narrative to other students that their good work does not go unnoticed!  

Must-have Classroom Resources 

Looking for some great products for back to school? Here’s some of our recommendations! 

Social distancing is still important going back to school this fall and social distancing spots help make it simple. Made from disposable and waterproof fabric, they are perfect for the classroom. They can even be drawn on with markers or crayons to make them special and personalized! 

The Scheduling Pocket Chart is perfect for the new year! It features fourteen pockets to display the plan for the day, helping students learn to prepare, schedule, and recognize time and daily routine!  

The busy fingers gel fidget is a great tool for students who need to keep those hands busy during lesson time. It quietly helps to relieve stress and boredom and provides sensory input. 

Looking for more back to school inspiration? Check out our Pinterest Boards where we have tons of product ideas, inspiration, and printable activities for your classroom!  

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