Playmais Creations

Playmais is a modelling material which we have used on many occasions. It is easy to pull out and requires little setup or clean up. All we use is a little bowl of water, and either a knife or scissors. Messy trays are great as they keep the bricks contained and can be run under the tap after.

Playmais is made from corn and 100% biodegradable. To stick the bricks together it only takes a little water, too much water and the brick melts.

Here Rose is creating and learning how much water to use. If water is too much a cloth that comes with the bricks is perfect to apply a small amount of water. She enjoyed making flowers.

The instruction booklet comes with great ideas on what and how to build but for an initial play the flowers used their imagination.

A puppy and a horse and rider were created:

Next time we will try the instructions and see what creations we can come up with.

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