Photo Stacking Blocks

The Low Down: 

Add a personal touch to your play area at home or school with Photo Stacking Blocks. Each set comes with four surface washable foam blocks. Clear vinyl pockets on each side allow teachers and parents to insert sentimental photos. Surface washable. Each cube measures 11 cm. Set of 4.

Why use Photo Stacking Blocks with children? 

  • Soft and squishy
  • Quiet when rolled
  • Versatile so you can use them in many different learning scenarios. We’ll talk more about that below
  • Durable and well made so they will last
  • They require hands on movement, always a bonus

How to use Photo Stacking Blocks.? 

  • Photos of family members can help children feel at home in their daycare. Our daycares are often an extension of the home and children spend a great deal of time there. Having photos of familiar faces can help reassure new children especially.
  • Having photos of children and adults at the daycare can help children learn names. Seeing themselves in a photo is always a delight and can help reinforce their important place in the daycare community.
  • Alphabet or Numbers for older children to identify and use in games making them versatile for multiage centres who share resources.
  • Adding seasonal objects such as count the pumpkins or spring bunnies allows you to add themes to your activities and centres.
  • Traditional dice for game playing in a big soft and squishy format is appealing!
  • Toys in your centre could be added: roll the toy and then go find it.
  • Your children’s drawings can be displayed and changed up as new art is made.
  • Movements such as touch your toes, do 5 star jumps, roll into a ball encourage gross motor skill development.

The joy of Photo Stacking Blocks is that you can put whatever you would like in them. Have fun playing!

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