Paper Circle Popz Christmas Activities

I like themes, I can’t help it. It is possibly either the teacher in me or the organized part of my brain but seeing a theme carried out through a project makes me happy!

Fred and his friend have been busy making Christmas crafts. A simple wreath with Paper Circle Popz glued on looks great. Here we are discussing the need to NOT eat the glue stick.

Theo selects his circles and sticks. The selection was challenging and distracting. He preferred to play with and organize the circles! They are such beautiful colours.

We will continue the wreath tomorrow.

The finished product ready to hang on the wall.  (Fred had help!):

For cards, the boys had a limited colour palette.

Lines, circles and “Joy” stamps finished the cards.

Rose also completed cards for her classmates with this design. The lines and circles are perfect exercises to build fine motor skills to improve handwriting. She will finish by writing her name on the inside.

The boys will wrap their penguin footprint ornament and wreath up today, ready for Christmas.

I may add some Paper Circle Popz to the gift wrapping… yes I do like a theme!

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