Painting Snow

Snow is abundant at the moment, presenting the perfect canvas. It was a little chilly so we brought the snow into the warmth.

The invitation:

The Aqua Flo Brush Set is only $3.75 and seemed like the ideal way to paint snow (and I really wanted to try them!).

I corresponded the watercolour paint inside to the handle colour to make choice easier for the boys but the colour actually corresponds to the brush side.

A gentle touch was needed otherwise the paint flowed quickly.

The boys had greater success due to their inability to squeeze hard! A look of pure joy that seems to say “Look what I can do!”:

Concentration! Theo was very proud to show his mama his art when she arrived.

A word of warning: Ikea smocks are not waterproof if they have been washed. We will be getting washable smocks from Quality Classrooms and will let you know how they do.

Tell tale sign of Rose concentrating is the tongue out.

Daisy as usual had a plan and executed it methodically.

She was a little disappointed in the ‘black’ areas due to too much paint being applied. Less is more is definitely the trick with the watercolour paint. The paint did get on hands but washed off easily with soap.

The watercolour paint is now available in Metallic, and Glitter. We used Washable Watercolour Magic. 

Give snow painting a try, it is a lot of fun and a great way to celebrate our wonderful winter!

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