Paint Printed Valentines Cards

I love layering paper to make cards so when designing a Valentine card Daisy could make mostly by herself, layering was my first choice.

We started with the base layer and chose to use a paint roller. It lifted paint well but was a challenge to control on the ground, using it on a table would be much easier. Daisy managed really well.

Pretty paint hearts printed. There’s a tongue twister for you!

While our pretty hearts were drying we tackled the top layer; a white paint printed heart on purple paper (say that ten times fast!). A toilet roll tube was the perfect size and was inspired by Teach Preschool.

Enthusiastic paint dabbling resulted in bubbles which Daisy took great delight in blowing.

Pretty paint printed hearts again.

Daisy was able to cut out all the hearts herself using these squeeze scissors. They build muscle control while delaying the tiredness often felt after cutting for a few minutes. She was very proud.

A couple of days later Daisy sat at our kitchen table and wrote “Love Daisy xoxo” on 20 cards. It was a great writing practice and she enjoyed it because there was no pressure. I have learned the hard way ( I am a last-minute crafter) not to leave card making to the last minute. Four year old kids do not like having to write quickly nor should they have to.

Yesterday evening her aunties helped her cut up the first layer. Then all three glued, stuck and packed into bags with a few treats for preschool friends.

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