Paint Pipette Exploration

Rose loves playing with these paint pipettes:

Coloured water play, as well as paint, is a hit. We used them last to create moon salt art and the children who participated loved the squeeze action of the pipettes.

Here is the invitation:

The messy paint trays are a perfect fit for a 9 x 12″ piece of paper so we used one as a blank canvas.

The paint we used was a little thick as it had been sitting unused for many months. Adding a little water would have made the process easier for little fingers.

This is a great strengthening action for the pincer grip.

A mini craft stick was used to mix paints. This is not necessary, but fun and prepared Rose for the colour mixing which is about to occur.

Adding paper and firmly patting.

Revealing the print.

We managed to get two prints from the paint. Beautiful!

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