Paint – Beyond the Brush

Paint is one of those standards of every art program, and brushes and palettes have been the main vehicle for as long as we can remember.

Of course, paint goes over and above the standard paint palette and brush.
Here are 5 alternative paint techniques that go beyond the brush.

1. Paint Markers
Nothing makes paint simpler to use than bottling it up in an easy-to-hold marker. For all-around use, we love Kwik Stix. They are a tempera based, quick drying paint stick that needs no prep, just uncap and use.  Kwik Stix comes in thin, standard, neon and metallic.

Do-A-Dot is a liquid washable paint marker with a sponge tip. A lot like a bingo dauber, these are great for pointillism, adding spots and spreading colour in interesting ways.  They come in a variety of colours including a ‘brilliant’ pack.

2. Finger Paint
Who doesn’t love some good old finger paint?  Finger painting was the original technique, back before brushes were even invented, and we have a couple of additions to bring new life to this ever popular technique

Starting with specially formulated Finger Paint. Smooth to the touch and water soluble, this paint cleans up effortlessly without leaving a stain on fingers. It mixes easily and does not contain eggs, nuts, wheat, gluten or dairy (just in case).

Finger Paint Sensations Kit adds that extra dimension to your finger paint with these 10 texture additives. With names like fine grit, funny fibres, coarse grit, squishy, soft, frictionless, dissolving, roly-poly, stringy and goopy, you can tell they will be a load of fun.  Washable and non-toxic, you can mix ahead and store overnight in an airtight container.

3. Scrapers
Once you’ve got your paint on the page or canvas there are some fun ways to scrape it into fancy patterns.

Paint Scrapers are made of durable plastic and come in a set of 4 patterned edges.  The handle makes them easy to use and they can be stored on a hook to save space.

Animal Paint Scrapers are a fun way to add an animal element to your art. Made of lightweight, durable plastic and printed on one side with colourful, lifelike animal graphics. This set of 20 scrapers feels like finger painting with claws, wings or tentacles.

4. Stamps and Rollers
There are lots of ways to add texture and patterns to any artwork (even the old potato stamp).  Here are some of our favourites.

Paint Effect Stamps, come in a set of 6 and add highly detailed patterns that are good for repeating borders or as detailed texture. Great for adding to backgrounds or creatures.

Rollers are textured rolling pins which makes them an easy way to create repeating patterns like on borders and can be used with paint or clay.  Here are some of our favourites.
Paint & Clay Texture Rollers, (shown above) come in a set of 4 geometric patterns.
Seasonal/Holiday Paint Roller, with Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas and Easter themes.
Creative Rollers Set 1 covered in gingerbread men, butterflies, frogs and teddy bears.
And Creative Rollers Set 2 with flowers, stars, circles and hands.

5. Extra Fun
Some things deserve a class all their own.

If you’re looking for something even more off the beaten path we have Foam Paint Bottles (shown above). Add soap and paint to make frothy fun!

Painting Mitts add textures with a finger paint feel. As a set of 6, there are enough textures to keep kids entertained and creative for hours.

Paint Bellows are great for stencils and colour mixing. With just a drop or 2 of paint and a light squeeze, you can make a fine spray of colour.

And lastly, don’t forget your Smock!
Happy painting!

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