The Next Gen of Child Care Cribs

We all want the best for our little ones, and Quality Classrooms is dedicated to finding the most innovative, durable, and safest children’s products to share with our customers.

The details!

We have looked at many cribs over the years and really love the quality and features presented by the NEXT GEN cribs. With key features like Clearview end panels for visibility, advanced teething rails, and pinch proof Safereach side access, what’s not to love.


There are some kids that love to chew their bed, so to protect them a durable teething rail has been added to the sides.  While this isn’t a new revolution, the material has been improved on over the years giving us something with extra strength and durability.


When your hands are full and baby is near, getting in and out of the crib is now easier with the new 2 finger trigger latch. This safety latch is great for quick but secure access to your little one. (Only available on Safereach models of course).


It’s the little things that can make a difference when you’re looking for the best cribs on the market and the newly improved casters have longer support running up the leg, and attach with two bolts instead of one for added strength. These cribs come standard with 2″ whisper-quiet non-marking casters (2 locking).


If you need additional storage you can add the EZ STORE Crib Drawer which has a soft magnetic closure to keep curious fingers out, without worrying about getting pinched. Also east to close with a foot when hands are busy.


If you already own a Next Gen crib it can also be upgraded to a First Responder Evacuation crib with an easy to assemble kit.  This kit adds a solid three-point gusset to a steel frame supporting the larger 4″ non-marking casters.

And of course, all our Next Gen cribs come with a professional series 3″ mattress.

We also ensure that all the cribs we carry comply with Health Canada’s Regulations regarding  Cribs, Cradles and Bassinets (SOR/2016-152).

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