Eco-Friendly Newspaper Wrapping Paper

We use newspaper to wrap gifts and decided to make the paper a little more personal this year.

The layout- the plan was a circle of paper that would confine the girls to the painting area.

Using Paint and Clay Rollers we evaluated 3 different types of paint from Quality Classrooms. The red is non-washable- Yikes!

Rose was very excited and luckily still in old pajamas. I was predicting a messy adventure.

Pure joy and lovin’ the mess.

Daisy was a little more organized once she got into the rollering. Her first few attempts lost the pattern. She was enjoying the process of rolling paint.

A green smile and also a green bum, hence the prints on the floor.

Enjoying the paint and sound of newspaper moving under the roller.

The aftermath. I am letting it dry to test how well it washes out of clothing.

This paper we made using fingerprinting.

Newspaper printed paper – pretty and good for the environment.

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  1. What fun and good practice for using more expensive wrapping paper someday in the future! This is such a nice child-friendly way to teach how to wrap gifts. I think my husband needs some practice with newspaper, too! 🙂 Carolyn

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