New Games and Puzzles

It is almost time to start thinking about it….Christmas! Puzzles and games make awesome presents that focus on the experience as well as the giving. Offering to play the puzzles or game with the recipient can be part of the gift (often the most important part)!

If you are refusing to let the fast approaching holiday enter your mind, just think about the wonderful new puzzles and game you can gift your students.


These two new sets of Jumbo Knob puzzles are perfect for little fingers and hands to grab and achieve success (click on the image for more information). Difficult puzzles at too young an age can be discouraging and influence future puzzle building – success and achievement are encouraging.

If you have a firefighter in the making the Around The Fire Station Sound Puzzle is sure to be a hit.

With realistic sounds, students can lift pieces to see and hear what is happening in and around the firehouse.

Younger children often find it hard to believe their elders were once young but with the Grandma and Grandpa Layer Puzzle they can see the stages we all pass through.

Each person has 5 layers to build as they progress through life. Understanding we all age and seeing elders as once young, helps develop empathy.

The Hello World! Floor Puzzle teaches us to say hello in many different languages.

Being able to say hello in a person’s home language is a sign of respect. What a wonderful way to learn and demonstrate respect.


Season Wise is a game to help teach seasons.

As a teacher of newcomers I can appreciate the fun aspect of this very important concept. Players have to think quickly and select the correct season for each card.

Wobbly Worms is a new fun take on Jenga.

I think the image speaks for itself!

Animal party is great for developing shape and colour recognition.

The shapes are lovely to hold and can be used independently for dramatic play.

Having recently played an old Guess Who, I am excited to gift this updated version called “Who is It?”.

I didn’t realize asking direct, closed questions was such a learned skill, until playing it with my 6 year old. I had to explain many times that we could only answer “yes” or “no”. What a fun way to learn though!

This is only a small taste of the new puzzles and games available at Quality Classrooms. What are your favourite puzzles and games?

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