Making Signs

Boma is coming to visit from Luxembourg and we are able to meet her at the airport. A sign seemed like a great idea.

I wrote “Welcome Boma” in large letters for the girls to decorate.

For Daisy, this involved using different patterns and colours to fill in the letters. She had a plan and only time was her limitation.

Rose began with marker and this is the first time I have seen her trying and succeeding with marker control. She was very proud to be able to contribute to the project like her sister. Peeling, removing and then positioning stickers was the second task, a great way to develop fine motor control.

Making signs are a valuable way to illustrate a message.

Ideas to include signs in the classroom:

  • Illustrate dramatic play areas
  • Promote bulletin boards and sharing areas
  • Share positive messages
  • Analyze what makes a good sign: clear, easy to read, bright colours
  • Collect familiar logos and discuss what they are. How do we read them (brands)?
  • Labels drawers and boxes

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