Letter Signs with Mosaics

Rose is gaining interest in letters and working with the letters of her name seems to be the most logical place to focus.

Drawing letters on construction paper with markers gave the flowers a starting point and I showed them how to find colours and keep a pile ready to stick. The rest was up to them.

I demonstrated how to add glue to a small section and focus on that area before the glue dried.  We used glue sticks for ease of clean up but white school glue may have stuck even better. Rose enjoyed working on large areas.

While Daisy focused on a smaller area and worked with order.

“Look what I have done!”.

Losing patience and deciding to randomly glue and stick for the background. Playing with the mosaic squares was a highlight.

When the girls were happy with the final product, we sealed the full piece of card with podge. Name letters signs which now adore the bedroom doors.

I couldn’t resist making my own, one for Freddy and the bathroom. It was very relaxing!

The mosaic squares we used are coloured on both sides and made from heavy card. This made them quite easy to sort, lift and stick. Have fun creating!

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