Lego and Duplo

So I have great memories of playing with Lego as a child and it always involved building something for people to use. A structure alone was never enough, it had to be usable by people. My children are similar, most things they build have a use for the people whether they are Duplo people or Lego people or random ‘small world play’ people.

We only got Lego in the house on Daisy’s 6th birthday, nearly a year ago. Yes, I know this is a crime to some people, especially parents with boys but she had not shown any interest in Lego before that. Things have changed now. Rose received lots of Duplo at Christmas time and both the Duplo and Lego have a prime position in our living room.

Here Rose is making a hotel for her Duplo people.

I did start to wonder what all the fuss was with Lego and Duplo and did a little research. Here is what I found out:

Benefits of playing with Lego and Duplo

  • Creativity: the most obvious choice for me, hours and hours of open-ended play with only the imagination as the limit.
  • Planning and Problem-Solving Skills: these are developed as children realize a plan in their heads and work towards making it a reality
  • Math Skills: sorting bricks, finding the correct size brick, thinking in 3D, patterning and proportions, measuring and counting are all part of Lego play.
  • Fine Motor Skills: building and separating bricks takes great dexterity as anyone who has played with Lego knows. (I do want to get my hands on a brick separator!)
  • Ability to Follow Directions: if you use the kits and instructions (we don’t tend to)

While I understand the appeal of individual kits with set instructions to build a certain project, I prefer the open endedness of these type of kits:

The Lego Duplo Explore Basic Bulk

Lego Brick Set

You can then add base plates and themes kits if you want.

A house, complete with chairs, plants and windows.

Look, a hippo!

This impressive construction is a movie theatre Uncle Andy helped build. It was played with for weeks!

The play is never ending as are the opportunities to tie play into current learning themes!

I am a re-enthused  Lego and Duplo fan!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the educational benefits of this magical toy, sanity-saver, and household favourite! As a mom of 3 boys, Lego has a foothold in our living room, too. Countless hours are spent building masterpieces.

    What hasn’t been mentioned are the social developmental benefits that Lego brings to our play. There are rule-making, negotiation, and problem solving involved in the use and sharing of the pieces. How long is it fair for creations to be “saved” and continue to be worked on before getting dismantled, the pieces added back into the mix? For a time, the weekend was take-apart time so a new week of creations could begin! There’s also navigating the “I was using that piece” arguments where the piece hasn’t been touched, only spotted and planned on being incorporated into the design.

    My kids’ relationship has been enjoyed, celebrated, taxed, stretched, and deepened through their Lego co-play. Oh, and we have a TON of sets that are built, proudly displayed, and then slowly harvested for their often unique pieces that are just perfect for my boys’ latest original masterpieces!

    LLL! Long Live LEGO!!!

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