Laminating vs Write and Wipe

I have been laminating signs and resources in work and it brought me back to teaching days.

I love laminating resources.

I detest tatty, falling apart resources.

Anything I used year after year, was beautifully encased in plastic, heated, and formed into an everlasting shrine to teaching!

Oh, respect to the laminator!

I have been cleaning and organizing my home office and throwing out old resources I don’t think I will use again and have discovered quite a few plastic encased resources.

Now I am a little more choosy with what I laminate. It has to be something I know I will use a great deal and needs to be laminated. Otherwise, I am using these great Write and Wipe Pockets.

I have tried making something like this in the past with plastic pockets but they slip and the marker does not erase very well. These wonderful things on the other hand are great. Included is a dry wipe marker with an eraser tip. You can use: Dry Erase Markers or Dry Erase Crayons, Daisy has used both and enjoyed the process.

So why am I harping on about write and wipe pockets?

  • You don’t need to laminate to reuse
  • You can reduce your photocopying by using activity sheets again and again
  • Favourite colouring sheets can be coloured repeatedly
  • Go green!

I am always looking for opportunities to reduce my green guilt and these make me happy! Yes, I may still laminate but will use these pockets whenever I can.

How are you choosing to save the world in your classroom?

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  1. Wow they look like a fab resource Chris. It’s certainly something I would love to get my hands on for work. Are they available in the UK?

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