Introducing the Classroom Cruiser

We are very excited to introduce the Classroom Cruiser from Copernicus!

This stationary bike allows students to self-regulate through movement, working out the fidgets any stress they may be feeling. It’s perfect for kinesthetic learners and any students with special needs.

Not sure why you would need this stationary bike? This is what Copernicus had to say:

Movement, balance and self-regulation
– Rhythmic movement, such as pedalling, has a calming effect on the nervous system and helps us self-regulate.

Integrated classrooms
– Many learning disabilities make it difficult for students to sit still and concentrate.
– The bike allows students to remain in the classroom and take a break (and not be singled out or miss part of the lesson).

Kinesthetic Learners
– Kinesthetic learners learn best when they incorporate movement.

Childhood obesity and sedentary lifestyles
– Time and funding for physical education has decreased.
– Research shows a relationship between increased sedentary behaviours with weak academic performance.

The bike is available with a desktop or handlebars. The desktop adjusts from flat to angled, making it suitable for different activities, such as reading or writing. Everything about this bike adjusts for the perfect ergonomic fit: the handlebars and the go up, down, forward and backwards so kiddos never have to strain to reach the peddles.

Our favourite features:- Quiet and enclosed drive train; there are no gears for pants or fingers to get caught in.

– Fully adjustable for the safest ergonomics.
– Digital display that tracks distance and speed.
– Multi-position workspace for reading or writing (optional).
– Easy to move with casters.
– Pedals have a no-slip grip, with an adjustable band to keep feet in place.

Still not sure how the Classroom Cruiser would fit into your classroom? Copernicus has some wonderful Resources for Educators, including integration tips, sign-up sheets to promote sharing and more FAQs.

The Classroom Cruiser is available in two sizes: Grades Pre K-2 and Grades 3-6.

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