Industrial Chic Classroom Decor

We are pleased to share a beautiful new option for your classroom decoration. Our Industrial Chic range is a modern fusion of reclaimed wood, natural elements, and vintage inspired black and white to create a classroom environment that feels like home.

Industrial Chic Light Bulbs Colourful Cut-Outs are wonderful as accents, labels, game pieces, and more. Industrial Chic Mason Jars Colourful Cut-Outs are also available.

Industrial Chic Inspirational Saying Mini Bulletin Board can be used as a set or split into two parts: inspirational words and grade level.

The Industrial Chic Inspirational Saying Mini Bulletin Board set fits anywhere in the classroom and can be used to identify your grade level in an inspirational fashion.

Combining the Industrial Chic Welcome Bulletin Board and Industrial Chic Fancy Signs Name Tags makes a beautiful and practical display.

The Industrial Chic Fancy Signs Name Tags are perfect for field trips or labelling documents,  containing 40 self-adhesive name tags, each features frames with a variety of wood, chalkboard, shiplap, and stainless-steel details and measuring 3″ x 2.5″.

Give your bulletin board displays a stylish finishing touch with eye-catching straight borders. Industrial Chic Shiplap Straight Border features white painted wood for a contemporary look. The pack includes 12 border strips, each measuring 3′ x 3″ for a total length of 36′.

This Industrial Chic Calendar Bulletin Board set makes it easy to keep up with the seasons, schedule, and weather with a modern shiplap, chalkboard, and natural wood design!

A great way for students and visitors to introduce themselves, the chalkboard-style Industrial Chic Hello Name Tags are a classroom essential! The pack includes 40 self-adhesive name tags—each measures 3″ x 2.5″ and features “Hello, my name is” in decorative script above a writing space.

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