Impromptu Physical Education Lesson?

Sometimes as elementary teachers or ECE’s we are called on to give our students access to a lesson that encourages movement, team play and physical challenge. This can be challenging to do without some basic resources. This post explores some resources that can make any Phys. Ed. teacher’s life a little easier.

A whistle or noise maker is a must to save your voice.

Dice are great to use as a warm-up. They are easily stored and blown up for an unexpected lesson. The Ready, Set, Move Classrooms Activity Set spot markers and three inflatable cubes with different exercises, numbers and colours. Throw the cubes and follow the instructions!

Hand and Feet Markers are a simple way to direct movement and reinforce left and right matching. They are skid resistant and an easy way to remind students where to place hands and feet.

The Cones and Spot Markers Easy Pack contains cones, spot markers, tape and throw down bases. This kit makes marking out any activity, quick and easy.

A set of versatile Playground Balls can be used for any sporting activity. These are solid and durable, without seams. They inflate using a standard needle and have a tactile surface, making them easier to catch.

What better way to finish a class than with yoga! Body Poetry: Yoga Cards are split into three levels and can be used as a class activity or independently by students. Illustrated instructions on the back of the cards are easy to follow.

What is your go to Physical Education lesson resource?

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