I Want to Ride My Tricycle

Some of our favourite childhood memories started with a bike ride.

Whether it was the first time we rode without training wheels or biking to the park with friends, bike riding is a rite of passage for every child. It’s a huge moment for a child’s independence when they can hop on their bike and go play with their friends or bike to school (once they’re old enough).

Introduce children to the joy of bike riding and watch their confidence grow with trikes and ride-ons. Trikes and ride-ons are great ways to develop coordination and balance, independence and exploration and encourage exercise.

Coordination and Balance

Trikes and ride-ons may not require as much balance as a two-wheel bike, but children still need to engage their core muscles to keep themselves from leaning too far back. This is a super easy way to practice their balance before they move onto the more difficult two-wheeler.

Ride-ons require the same balancing skills as a trike but are much simpler to propel with their feet, helping children develop their gross motor functions. The Wescomobile is a great starter ride-on. Its sturdy structure makes it durable, plus the handles offer extra stability for younger riders.

Trikes grow motor skills by pedalling. It seems simple to us now, but it takes the right amount of pressure to pedal a trike properly. Too little and the bike won’t move; too much and their foot may slip right off. The child needs to pedal with controlled movements while balancing their feet on the pedal pads.

To make this easier, the Winther Viking Trike has slip resistant pedals and spokeless wheels, so even if they do slip, they won’t hurt themselves on the wheels. There are no sharp edges anywhere on this trike, making it safe for even the newest riders.

A great transition bike before trying the two-wheeler is the Tilo Balance Bike. It requires the same balance as a normal bike, but there aren’t any peddles. Children propel it like a ride-on, so their feet are there to steady them if they lose their balance.

Independence and Exploration

Children will love being able to go for a bike ride around the block with mom and dad. Even the back yard or playground will seem like a new land to conquer because they can cover more distance than walking.

With a trike or ride-on, they’re no longer confined to bike trailers and get to ride right along with mom and dad or their friends. It’ll be their responsibility to stay on the path (with supervision of course) and to maintain a steady pace, teaching them independence.

Wheely Bugs will spur on a child’s imagination as they ride a mouse, bumblebee, tiger or a ladybug around the yard. The adventures are limitless with these fun ride-ons.


It may seem obvious, but it bears noting that trikes and ride-ons are a great way to exercise. Whether they’re pedalling around the yard or pushing themselves along with their feet, children are building leg and core muscles and working on their cardio.

It’s important to find a trike that’s the perfect size for your little one. We’ve all tried riding a tricycle that is too small for us and it’s superbly uncomfortable. Tilo Trikes come in a range of sizes, starting with the Tilo Toddler Trike for ages 1-3, all the way up to the Tilo Large Trike for ages 4-8. Their high safety standards and 5-year warranty make them a favourite amongst parents, while children love the bright colours and easy to use design.

You have a bit more wiggle room with ride-ons for sizes, but if it’s much too big or too small, children won’t be able to properly propel themselves.

Trikes and ride-ons are super fun ways to develop gross motor skills, independence and to get in a little exercise. With summer fast approaching, spruce up your outdoor play with a new trike or ride-on for your child’s next adventure!

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