How to choose carpets?

Carpets are an important part of an elementary and daycare classroom. With the rise in popularity of alternative seating, students need a comfortable and safe space on the floor and not all classrooms are equipped. Whether it is doing group work or whole-class discussion, floor space is necessary.

I love using the carpet for whole-class discussion. We have fewer distractions, we can hear each other better and we tend to be more focused. For whole-class discussion, carpets give those students who need to move, the ability to sit on the edge of the carpet and get up and stretch when they need to, without disrupting their peers. When we do need to stand up and stretch as a whole class we can do it quickly and easily on the carpet. Fidgets can be easily distributed on the carpet too. If centers needed to be set up beforehand, having a space students can come directly to and avoid their desks is also helpful. The reasons to have a carpeted space are endless!

There are lots of things to consider when buying a carpet for your learning space:


If you will only be using it for small groups, a smaller carpet is more practical. For whole-class discussions, more space is needed. Classroom carpets run between 4′ x 6′ to 8′ x 12′ with lots of options in between. Make sure you measure up, mark out and order the correct size for your space.


Rectangular, oval and circle are all possibilities. Is carpet time for whole-class discussion in rows, sharing circles or circle time games?  Think about what you will primarily be using the carpet for then choose the size that works for you and your students.

Where the carpet will be situated in the classroom can also impact the shape. Circles and ovals are more conducive to the middle of the room class movement, while straight edges are convenient for a corner classroom location.

Student spots

Do you want a spot for each student? These are available for row seating, semi-circles or circles too.

This carpet has 25 spaces but is only 6′ by 9′ so the students need to be young.

28 spots here organized in semi-circles.

This carpet is perfect for small sharing circles. It has twelve dots and students can be given a specific colour to sit on to make transitions easier.

This larger Lots Of Dots 7’8″ X 10’9″ Rectangular Carpet has 30 spots for the larger classes. Clear boundaries tend to make for fewer arguments over space.


Many carpets come with a warranty of up to 10 years. Carpets are an investment and we want them to last. We all know that once a carpet starts to fray, little hands will quickly help them along!

Low VOCs

Many carpets are now Green Label Plus certified. This means you are buying the lowest emitting carpet available in the market. Considering the amount of time we spend indoors, indoor air quality can be important.


Carpets can be pretty and educational as well.

Music inspired: this Note Worthy rug could be used for composition.

Bilingual: this Lengualink includes basic French words and numbers.

Medicine Wheel: The Seven Teachings identify the core values of truth, honesty, love, courage, respect, humility and wisdom.

Social Studies: Canada or world maps are available.

Friendship: Give the Planet a Hug carpet!

There are lots of considerations and lots of options.

Happy carpet shopping!

Do you have favourites?

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