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We are eager to give away all the secrets that we have learned over the years to help keep your classroom running smoothly. We want to answer the how’s and why’s behind successful early childhood education with our own experiences, as well as reaching out to our community of educators for even more great ideas! 

The Weather Outside is Frightful, but Outdoor Play is so Delightful! 

As Canadians, we know the winter months tend to be a little colder (and longer) than we would like them to be. December, January, and February seem to drag into long, tiresome days that all blend together. Children get restless, parents get exhausted, and we are all waiting for those warm, light-hearted, and easy summer days to once

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Support Early Development with Social & Emotional Learning 

Social-emotional learning, or SEL for short, is the process of educating children on how to identify and manage their emotions. It is an important process for early development as it helps children build relationships, cope with stress, and form a better understanding of themselves and how to regulate their feelings.

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Preparing your Classroom for the New Year!

It’s that time of year again – freshly sharpened pencils, brand new backpacks, and smiling faces. There are so many things to think about when it comes to organizing a new year! Returning to school can be hectic, and there’s lots to focus on when it comes to planning new lessons, rearranging the classroom, and, of course, getting to know your new students.   Here are some tips, inspirations, and products for making … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Ready for Summer Break!

As teachers, it’s important to start prepping for September a little earlier than most people. Whether you are planning big upgrades to the classroom or are just stocking up on your go-to products, ordering supplies in June is a better way to be ahead of the game and take the stress off preparing for the fall season. Giving your … Continue reading

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Going Green from a Young Age

Teaching sustainability during early childhood is important and provides children with great tools to connect with the environment while letting them understand how and why it is important to take care of our planet. The earlier we begin to introduce environmentally sustainable education, the earlier it lets our children develop and hone those skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Helping our children learn about … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Classroom Safe and Sanitized

Welcome to 2021! I think we can all agree to cheerfully wave good-bye to 2020, the year that brought us many surprises – both good and bad. The year that taught us how to be strong and persevere even in the toughest times. The year that brought recognition to some of our under-recognized professions, including ECE’s and teachers. With all of the changes that came along with adjusting to life amid a pandemic, we … Continue reading

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From our Community: Creative Solutions for At-Home Learning

We asked our community for creative solutions to apply to at-home learning. Hundreds of you replied, but here are some of our favourite answers. We hope these offer inspiration for making your homeschooling a little easier! April from Newfoundland and Labrador: “We’re learning based on interest – some days it might be following art lessons … Continue reading

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Parent/Teacher Interview: Tip for Teaching At Home

We interviewed our resident teacher, Chris Uhres-Todd, for her input on how she’s handling teaching long distance, as well as helping her own children with their schooling. You can watch the interview or read it below! QC: You’re our resident teacher and parent at Quality Classrooms, so you straddle both those worlds that everybody’s trying … Continue reading

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Children & Mindfulness

Mindfulness is more than paying attention to a task, it is all about focusing on the present moment with curiosity and without judgment. We know that children who practise mindfulness techniques are better able to regulate their moods, help them accept and understand their thoughts and feelings. This is a great skill and starting early they are more likely to continue to practice mindfulness as adults.   Here are some tips for practicing at … Continue reading

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The ABC’s of Childcare Centre Design

As a graduate of the Master of Interior Design program at the University of Manitoba, I had the opportunity to conceptualize a Children’s Art Centre that supported a child’s well-being through positive development in mental, physical and social aspects. Throughout my research, I noted overlapping design concepts that I referred to as the ABC’s (Approach, … Continue reading

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