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Are you stuck in a teaching rut? No need to worry, we’ve got you covered! We provide ways to incorporate real-life learning into the classroom while keeping it fresh and fun. Here you will find creative craft ideas, the benefits of learning through play, and much more! 

Children and teacher making holiday crafts and smiling

Making the Most out of Holiday Crafts 

There is nothing more special than the holidays. It’s cold outside, children are jumping with joy and excitement, and it’s the perfect time to create special memories with friends and family. The countdown of how many sleeps until Christmas, making snow forts and snow angels, and of course, all the presents. The holidays are the perfect time for gift giving – and gift making too. It’s a perfect time

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Promoting Diversity and Inclusivity in the Classroom

The new school year is back in full swing, and we want everyone in the classroom to feel included. Promoting our differences can be a touchy subject, but it is extremely important. All students are different in their own unique ways, which means their learning needs can be different too. So why is diversity and … Continue reading

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Battle Boredom

As we roll past the one-year anniversary of our world being flipped and turned upside down, it feels like a great time to brainstorm and come up with new ways of keeping boredom out of our class. It is no secret that early childhood educators have been unsung heroes throughout this time of transition into … Continue reading

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Sensory Bins 101 

Truth be told, it took me three years of teaching kindergarten to discover the beauty behind sensory bins. Little did I know at the time, they allowed children to explore, touch, create, communicate and discover while also learning important skills. Yes, learning. That’s what I hadn’t understood just yet. I was going stir-crazy trying to … Continue reading

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Take Science Outside

The beautiful weather at the moment is simply dragging me outside. I have no control over it! If my children want to stay indoors, too bad! Luckily, there is so much outdoor learning to do! Plus, most outdoor learning is inquiry-based, which suits my curious children and, let’s face it, most curious children. Learning outdoors … Continue reading

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Fun in the Mud

Spring is hard in daycares. You’ve been stuck inside more often than not all winter, due to extreme cold, icy winds and freezing rain. You’re going stir-crazy and your kiddos are too! Finally, the temperature starts to rise and everything starts to thaw. Everyone is so excited to be out…until the first fall into a … Continue reading

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Coding in Real Life

Picture this: it’s springtime and the kids are outside enjoying the sunlight on their face and the fresh air in their lungs. What does this mean for you? A bunch of happy children… and muddy clothes. After their fun but (begrudgingly) messy day, their clothes get tossed into the washing machine – you set the … Continue reading

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The Joy of Reading

We tend to fondly remember our favourite books from early childhood. What is it about those books that make them unforgettable? For me, it was Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I am still unsure if it was the joy of eating through all those gorgeous, bright, appealing foods or if it was the dramatic … Continue reading

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The Value of Hockey

A month into the school year, teachers start working out the kinks in their lesson plans for the rest of the year. We look at our students and figure out what will work best for this group. Like most teachers, Phys-ed teachers play to their strengths, highlighting sports and activities they enjoy or think have … Continue reading

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A New Way to Field Day

We probably all have fond memories of traditional field day activities such as the egg and spoon, sack races, wheelbarrow and three-legged. While these activities may still be incorporated into our field days now, they often look quite different from field days of the past. Track and field days, where children compete at running, jumping … Continue reading

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