Educator Inspiration

Are you stuck in a teaching rut? No need to worry, we’ve got you covered! We provide ways to incorporate real-life learning into the classroom while keeping it fresh and fun. Here you will find creative craft ideas, the benefits of learning through play, and much more! 

Teaching Children About Sustainability 

Today, educating children about the importance of sustainability and the environment should be prioritized. As we become aware of the current state of our green planet, it’s crucial to instill the young ones’ minds with eco-conscious values and form sustainable habits in children so they can preserve the wellbeing of Mother Earth and live well … Continue reading

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Fun and Inclusive Classroom Seating

September is the month of changes. The change in season – the cooler temperatures, shorter days, the vibrant transformation of leaves and the change in clothing – time to take out your jackets and boots! For students and educators, September signals the start of a new school year. This means new classes, & new daily … Continue reading

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Back To School: Tips to Prepare for a Successful School Year

Ah, that bittersweet moment when you hear the word “school” again. Just moments ago, you were on the beach with your flip flops, applying sunscreen on your skin, enjoying a refreshing drink, and then August arrives. It seems like any minute from now, you are going to hear the lovely sound of the alarm clock … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Outdoor Learning in the Summer

Summer is here! The temperature rises, the day stretches longer, and the natural environment offers countless opportunities for exploring. It’s the time of year when nature transforms into a vibrant playground, inviting children to venture outside and explore. In a world where screens and technology have become a dominant part of everyday life, summer serves … Continue reading

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Loose Parts Play in an Early Learning Environment

Hi! My name is Ashley Elliott – I live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia in a community called Campbell River. My program, Aster Meadow Early Learning and Care, is a licensed multi-age program, but primarily caters to 3–5-year-olds. I began my journey into the field of childcare in 2013 as a family childcare provider after … Continue reading

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Teachers, How Are You Doing? 

Another school year is coming to an end. For both students and teachers, this is the time where you feel all kinds of mixed emotions: anxious for the upcoming final period, but at the same time, happy and relieved because it’s almost over… We all experience this feeling in our life, and it’s always fun … Continue reading

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Tips for Outdoor Learning in Spring: Interview with Dr. Beverlie Dietze

Quality Classrooms had the opportunity to interview Dr. Beverlie Dietze, for her input on playing outdoors in Spring, as well as her unique view on outdoor learning. You can read this blog and watch the interview for more interesting discussions. Quality Classrooms will also have a webinar with Beverlie soon in May. Stay tuned for … Continue reading

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What are your New Year’s Resolutions? 

Someone asked me: “What are your new year’s resolutions?”. I panicked for a moment, and answered: “I don’t know…be healthy, go to the gym, eat more vegetables, save money?” I’ve been setting new year’s resolutions since ’06 and for most of them, I’d forget by February (sometimes even sooner). But hey, I tried! I wrote … Continue reading

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Social-Emotional Learning through Literature

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is a methodology that can help children of all ages to better interpret emotions, fully engage with their feelings, and show empathy and compassion for others. Through emotion regulation and decision-making, SEL helps children to build meaningful relationships, reach their goals, and have more understanding of the world around them. 

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