Hearing Protector

Hearing protectors are becoming more common place in our classrooms. We use them for a variety of reasons including improving concentration whilst reading or working independently. Students with ADD, ADHD or a sensitivity to noise can benefit from periods of time with hearing protectors to minimize noise.

Our classrooms are becoming more geared towards individualized learning often resulting in higher noise levels and more group work, as students work in the best way that suits their learning style. Some students flourish in a noisier, busier classroom while others need help focusing. Hearing protectors can help to block distractions and support students who need help keeping their attention on their learning.

Our hearing protector is designed for children with noise sensitivity and these noise reduction headphones are comfortable and user friendly. A terrific tool for children who need quiet for sensitivity or for focused activities. The comfortable headbands are adjustable to fit a variety of head sizes suitable for grades K-6. At a great price, students who need them can have their own labelled Hearing Protector in your classroom. Check out our new Hearing Protectors here.

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