Halloween Sensory Box

After checking out Pinterest for some great ideas, I had a lot of fun making this Halloween sensory box.

I think part of the joy of making these boxes is collecting all the items to go inside. Rose wasted no time jumping straight into play.

As before, we try to keep the contents on the mat. Some of the split peas and lentils did roll off the mat but most were easy to clean up by carefully grabbing the ends and pouring back into the box.

Rose loves emptying containers (and making a mess)!

She particularly enjoys the beans and lentils; scooping, pouring, lifting. The little plastic spoons were a hit as she is enjoying using them at meal times.

Daisy went straight for the finger puppets. She pointed out that the mommy and rather scary looking skeleton were the same colour and then started role-playing.

The rubber bands were fun and we enjoyed working out what they spelled out. Boo!

I gave Daisy the option to use this math sorter. She began but grew impatient as Rose scooped lentils into and messed up her sorting.

What Halloween sensory play have you been doing?

2 Replies to “Halloween Sensory Box”

  1. Can you please tell me more about the math sorter? I can’t see what’s underneath the “collections” on the right side. Are those symbols? Can you please explain exactly how one might use this? It seems like an awesome idea to make sensory bins more beneficial for my 5-year-old!

    1. The math sorter is a box that a dress up doll set came in from Melissa and Doug; https://www.qualityclassrooms.com/dramatic-play/doll-play/best-friends-forever.html .

      I added the numbers 1-10 (cardboard stuck on with tac) so Daisy could sort and count if she wanted to. She was 4 1/2 here and tended to need a further extension activity. This fit the bill perfectly. At this point she could recognise the numbers and counted out 1 spider, 5 rubber bands and 10 snakes. Hope this helps Cathy.

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