Growing Seedlings

Growing a garden is a norm for my children but not all children have access to a planter, let alone a garden. Including gardening options in our daycare and school curriculums gives all children the opportunity to experience the joy of growing a plant from a seed.

Here is a list of easy to grow plants. Success is important so children are encouraged.

We have tried various growing options including peat pellets:

But nothing beats getting your hands stuck into a bag of potting soil, as we did when making fairy gardens:

There are so many ways to incorporate gardening in the classroom.

Ideas for cross-curricular links


  • Experiment with conditions (variables) such as heat, light, water
  • Investigate what does a seed needs to germinate
  • Investigate what a plant needs to grow
  • Make a hypothesis
  • Takes measurements
  • Record results
  • Learn about the parts of a plant by growing in a clear pot.

The Sprout and Grow Window and Root Vue Farm allow children to see roots growing.


  • Measure the plant every few days
  • Measure leaf size
  • Count number of leaves or flowers


  • Draw the seedling every few days to show the development
  • Emphasize the importance of proportion
  • Use diagrams to represent plant life cycles

Language Arts:

  • Tell the story of a seed (life cycles)
  • Read non-fiction texts about plants and gardening and analyze structure.
  • Use drama to act out the life cycle of a flowering plant (involving bees for pollination, and animals for seed dispersal)

There are so many ways to include growing seedlings or plants in the classroom.

Happy growing.

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