Geoboard Light Table Play

So you may expect the following information to show a geoboard being used in the traditional way with elastic bands. Apparently that was not as appealing to my Grade 2 daughter as these beautiful counters and beads:

 I did leave out rubber bands but they were ignored.

Instead, the counters and beads seemed to be more attractive.

The counters are part of this Manipulative Kit for Light Table:

and the beads are from this Giant Transparent Beads kit.

The counters look amazing:

These geoboards are transparent and can be purchased at Quality Classrooms here and are perfect for the light table. They also come in 5 x 5 and 11 x 11 and a variety of colours.

Maybe next time we will use them for what they have been designed for!

Or maybe we will just find another awesome use.

Who knew geoboards could look so great!

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