Fun with Coloured Blocks

First things first: let them play! I have learnt this. If I want to sneak in a little structured learning I have to let exploration happen first. Here is the exploration:

What is under here mummy?

Anyone for tea? Cheers!

A tower

New York Statue (Daisy’s words)

Genuine statue (again her words- don’t know where that came from!!)

Getting bigger…

and bigger.

I incorporated the sneaky learning by colouring a piece of card with crayon. I made boxes that were the same colour as the shapes under the memory caps.

On the other side of the card, I added a 1-12 grid.

The colour matching activity was not a hit so we ignored that and flipped over to the numbers.

This had more interest. We discovered a fun way to stack the blocks. Yes, I was joining in at this point.


  • Discuss shape properties
  • Counting
  • Sorting and making patterns


  • What makes a statue? What do we like to look at statues? Those shapes go together well, why?

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  1. Your comment that at some point you were participating – well that is the key to any good game or learning opportunity. That is what makes it a wonderful learning opportunity – a parents real presence. Loved it.

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