Fairy Furniture

This time of year always makes me think of fairy magic. I think it is a mixture of the leaves changing colour, hearing acorns and apples dropping unexpectedly and the dew and frost on the ground in the morning. A little bit of fairy building can encourage this magic.

You need:

We discussed what furniture Daisy would like to make and she decided on a table and chairs. We looked at how a table and chairs were made and we decided that two benches would be easier to make than chairs. We used our fingers to measure distance and then cut our sticks to the appropriate size.

Once we had all the sticks for the table, the low-temperature glue gun came out. Daisy was nervous about this so I explained how to use it: hold it like a gun and gently press the trigger, avoid the end as it is hot and don’t touch the glue because it is also hot. While it was fairly easy to use, I did not account for her nervousness. She got a little glue on her finger and that resulted in me doing the rest of the glueing. I will give her the opportunity to try it again in a few weeks.

So we worked together, I glued and she stuck.

She had problems seeing the steps to making the furniture so I broke it down and explained what part we were making. The ends of the benches are above.

After Daisy glued the skinny sticks onto the top of the table and benches I added a little more glue to reinforce the corners.

Adding a few apples, shells, acorns and berries completes a party feast fit for fairies.

Learning Opportunities

  • Math: counting and sorting, measuring
  • Art and Design: planning, organizing, building structures, colour
  • Science: balance, solids and liquids, temperature

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