Early Reading Language Resources We Love!

Rose is in kindergarten half time and her reading and writing are developing in leaps and bounds. She is reading sight words and simple readers but her confidence is low. When she is not in kindergarten she wants activities to complete with Granny. These are a mixture of independent tasks and those which will need Granny’s help!

Matching Upper and Lower Case Letters

This is a great activity Daisy enjoyed at the same age. Correct letter formation is important to know at an early age to ensure a student’s kinaesthetic (movement) memory commits to well-formed letters. It is more difficult to unlearn an incorrect method.

Making words with Word Building Pebbles

Letter pebbles are great for the visual and tactile reminder of letter formation and their sounds. As Rose lifts the pebbles she makes the letter sound and places in order to make a word.

Playing with Word Families

This post involves Daisy making cvc words from a game and dice.

Using Letter Tracing Stamps

We all know writing goes hand in hand with reading.

Using Big Box of Sentence Building

Improve sight word recognition, vocabulary, fluency, punctuation and grammar with the Big Box of Sentence Building! Include four blank puzzle pieces that can be used with write-on/wipe-off crayons or dry-erase markers. The pieces are colour-coded by the part of speech they represent. Also included is a booklet with directions, teaching suggestions and games.

Writing Sentences with Sentence Strips

Sentence strips are fabulous for discussing letter formations.

The colour recognition of “dirt, grass and sky” adds an extra step, helping a student remember the letter structure.

Playing Spot It! Basic English.

As well as reinforcing sight word recognition, this game is just pure fun!

Of course one of the main activities Rose does is READING!

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